Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible and OEM Cartridges

What is a Compatible or Generic Cartridge?

Compatible ink and toner cartridges are basically a replica version of the original cartridge. They are made by a third party, at a fraction of the cost. There are two categories of compatible cartridges, new and remanufactured. The vast majority of our compatible cartridges feature more ink or toner than the original, making them even better value.

What is a OEM or Genuine Cartridge?

An OEM or Genuine Cartridge is made by the original printer manufacturer. For example, Brother, Canon, Epson, HP.

Will a Compatible Cartridge damage my printer?

Ink Citi QLD only stock the highest quality compatible cartridges to ensure they don't damage your printer. We stand by our product 100%. Not all compatible cartridges are the same. In fact, they can vary significantly in quality! Only use reputable compatible cartridges in your printer to avoid damaging your printer head.

Will a Compatible Cartridge void my manufacturer's warranty?

Absolutely not. In fact, it is illegal for a Printer Manufacturer to demand that you use a particular brand of ink. Your warranty is protected by Australian Consumer Law.

Why should I buy your Compatible Cartridges as opposed to another company?

It all comes down to quality. Most other companies use an inferior dye-based ink in their cartridges, and unfortunately, they can cause damage to your printer heads. Ausjet, Our supplier, uses mostly pigment based ink, which we believe is superior. Pigment-based ink produces sharper pictures that are water, smudge, UV and highlighter resistant. Our pigment-based inks are sourced from a respected USA company. Where a dye-based ink has been used, it has been sourced from a quality German company. Our compatible cartridges will not void your manufacturers warranty.

Do you Refill Cartridges?

Yes, we refill HP, Canon and Brother Ink Cartridges. Prices start at just $10 per cartridge and can be refilled on the spot. Most cartridges will take approx 5 minutes to refill. Not all models are able to be refilled. Please call 0416 988 894 ahead of time, to make sure that your empty ink cartridge is one that can be. Please note: We do not refill Toner Cartridges or Epson Products.

Forms of Payment

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eftpos, Direct Deposit. Ink Citi accepts Qoin for AMAYSIM SIM STARTER KITS ONLY. Please note: we no longer accept Qoin for any other product or service.

Troubleshooting Printouts

Have you lost the Canon Refill Instruction Sheet? Download a new one here


Toner Reset for Brother MFC-L2750 Printers Instruction Printout

Warning for HP 905 and 955


HP has done a software update that has made printers reject compatibles. If you have a printer that takes the 905 and 955 cartridges and have not done the latest update, please don't.

We are working with clients on a solution and will replace the microchips in the next few days. Please call 0416 988 894 if you have any issues. UPDATE: We have the new microchips. If you are still experiencing problems, please let us know.